The channel may be from the 90s, but the data is pure 2020s

With our data, email is easy to create, easy to execute and easy to test messages across audiences. We can take any postal, phone or device level data, map it to an email address and quickly onboard it so you can use it for targeting and/or suppression. We can help you leverage lookalike models to create audiences that will drive conversions. We also provide the means to retain customers or reactivate lapsed customers – all with a level of relevancy and personalization that makes them more likely to convert.

Stirista Email Attribution and appending


Max deliverability for acquisition or retention

Acquisition email is tough. That’s why so many companies either don’t let you run acquisition emails on their platforms or resort to fraud to pad their stats. Email was one of our first services and it’s still one of our favorites. We’ve spent over a decade building software that enables us to run campaigns of all types – retention or acquisition, your data or our data – with deliverability that’s hard for the rest to match.

Email Acquisition | Stirista Solutions


Attribution: The reason our campaigns get better with age

We have so much confidence in our campaigns that we built the world’s most sophisticated attribution model to track them. 

Email attribution | Stirista Solutions