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Omnichannel Marketing Campaign Drove 27% of Website Visits

When their Agency of Record announced they would be closing shop, this leading healthcare insurance company needed to find a new organization to partner with. Paramount in their decision-making process was the desire to work with an organization that had a comprehensive consumer database, along with the ability to maintain, enhance, and manage that marketing database as it fueled multiple campaigns. Also important to the review process was a focus on the ability to conduct omnichannel marketing efforts so that attribution could be defined, and new member records flagged.

of Website Visits
Email (4,130,896)
CTV (1,729,490)


With the announcement, this healthcare company faced the challenge of determining the best way to replace the services they provided in support of lead generation activities during open enrollment periods and for both ACA and Senior products. They also needed a central data resource that would support Group, Individual, and MAPD activities.

Stirista provided them with fully managed services, all tailored to their requirements. This included data enhancement, data acquisition, data enrichment, CRM enhancement, response integration, segmentation, extraction, delivery to 3rd party agencies, and modeling.


The first step in this partnership was to import and cleanse their existing data. Then each record was associated with Stirista’s OMNA Identity Graph to obtain a comprehensive range of consumer identifiers. Afterwards, audience profiles were created using our Audience Profile Tool (APT) which provided custom APT reports. This allowed for a visual representation of the key demographics within the target audience. These reports formed a solid and easy to understand view of known, enhanced, and newly uncovered personas. Utilizing the resulting data, Stirista provided a custom targeting segment strategy for their omnichannel marketing initiatives.

With their data brought to a higher level of quality and completeness, and a targeting plan in place, Stirista created a comprehensive multichannel marketing strategy to drive enrollments.


  • Acquisition Email, to deliver hard-hitting CTAs alongside compelling facts and drive conversions
  • CTV, to powerfully convey the brand’s strengths and inspire research and consideration
  • Display, to serve visually engaging ads during the open enrollment period
  • Paid Social Media, deployed to Custom Audience Segments of not-yet-converted mid-funnel prospects

To hold the campaign accountable to bottom-funnel business results, as well as enabling optimization to maximize those business results, we used Stirista’s Visitor ID Graph website tag to understand what channels, creatives, targeting tactics, and other campaign settings were driving the different stages of funnel behavior.


Stirista successfully delivered a multichannel campaign to the open enrollment period audience & used Stirista’s suite of measurement tools to demonstrate the effect on consumer behavior. The powerful combination of quality, complete 1st-party data, modeled prospect audiences, and expert multichannel campaign planning, execution, and optimization drove amazing business results.

Nearly 27% of all website visitors conducting deep plan research were driven by the campaign, and the company exceeded all of their enrollment goals for the period.

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